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Purva, a leading dietitian, is not only your typical speaker but a mix of empowerment, education, and engaging tips that turn complex science into easy, everyday hacks for everyone.

What sets Purva apart?
Her hands-on experience in hospitals and private practice gives her a real-world edge. From moms to professionals, she gets the struggles by delivering powerful research and case studies to ensure her voice is heard by the right audience at the right time.

Purva’s talks aren’t just informative; they’re your ticket to practical, relatable, and evidence-based nutrition. With a confident yet approachable style, she transforms health talks into actionable steps. 

What to expect?

  • Professionally designed presentations
  • Engaging with the audience with some fun activities and worksheets
  • How to make meal prepping and planning fun and easy
  • Education on food label reading and shopping guide
  • Nutritional resources and e-books for the audience 
  • Snacking displays


Available and ready (both online and in-person) to inspire at workshops, conferences, expos, and any platform where health and wellness are in the spotlight! Get us in touch by emailing on


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Excited To Work With Purva

Discover the perfect collaboration for your media, speaking engagements, and recipe development need with Purva at Diet Yumm. Bring fresh perspectives, culinary expertise, and engaging storytelling to your brand. Let’s craft unforgettable culinary experiences together.

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