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We commit to providing comprehensive care that ensures every child thrives physically, emotionally, and developmentally. With a focus on preventive measures, early intervention, and family-centred support catering towards underweight, overweight, food Allergies. autism and fussy eating 

It's important to observe the overall patterns of your child's eating habits and growth. While picky eating is common, persistent issues, such as limited food variety, extreme aversions, and delayed growth, may warrant further investigation. Consult with a pediatrician to rule out any underlying medical conditions and consider involving a dietitian to assess your child's dietary intake. Tracking their growth over time and addressing concerns promptly can help differentiate between typical picky eating phases and potential developmental issues.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by influencing sensory sensitivities, addressing potential nutrient deficiencies, managing gastrointestinal issues, and exploring specific dietary interventions. Introducing a variety of foods in a positive and non-coercive manner is essential. Encouraging your child to participate in meal preparation, making food visually appealing, and providing a supportive eating environment. Gradual exposure to new flavours and textures, along with positive reinforcement, can help cultivate a more adventurous palate over time.

A variety of support right from 1:1 offline, online or telehealth consultations as per your feasibility, regular follow-up sessions to educational resources and reading materials to upgrade your knowledge about nutrition, shopping guidelines with relevant product information, easy-to-prepare meals, daycare guidelines and email support to address any queries or concerns that you may have.

How It Works

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Unlocking Your Paediatric Health Management Journey.
Our Three-Step Approach to Comprehensive Support and Success

Pediatric Health Assessment and Goals

In the initial step, we arrange an evaluation to assess your child’s health, development, and goals. We review medical history collaboratively and establish achievable pediatric health objectives.

Tailored Pediatric Health Plan

Subsequently, we create a personalized health plan for your child, tailored to their specific needs and goals. This includes nutrition, growth tracking, and addressing any developmental concerns.

Continuous Guidance and Monitoring

We maintain regular follow-ups to track your child’s progress and refine the health plan. Our ongoing support ensures their well-being, monitoring growth, development, and overall pediatric health.

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